Relax. Rejuvenate. Revitalize.


Relaxation Massage

Maximum relaxation through the use of light to medium pressure and smooth rhythmic strokes that ease tension in the body and calm the mind. 

60 Minutes $80     90 Minutes $120     120 Minutes $160

Sports Massage

Using stretching and medium to very firm pressure the deeper layers of tissue are penetrated, great for muscle recovery and increasing range of motion. 

60 Minutes $90     90 Minutes $ 135     120 Minutes $ 180

Rejuvenation Massage

A unique form of massage that combines many fast-flowing strokes with slow, deep compressions. It often has a trance-like effect on clients, creating a profound sense of recovery, recuperation and rejuvenation of tissues and spirit.

60 Minutes $100     90 Minutes $150     120 Minutes $200

Lomi Lomi Massage

Based on the "Sacred Lomi" form of massage, flowing forearm strokes are used along with presence, prayer, breath-work and sacred touch to offer a space of love and healing.  

60 Minutes $115     90 Minutes $165     120 Minutes $215

Therapeutic Massage

Begin with a 20-30 minute consultation prior to your massage. With the insight you provide, Katie will use a variety of techniques to craft a therapeutic massage designed to achieve the specific results that your body needs. 

60 Minutes $125     90 Minutes $175     120 Minutes $225 

Deep Tissue Massage

A combination of slow strokes, direct pressure, vibration, friction and stretching are used to penetrate the deepest layers of tissue. 

60 Minutes $100     90 Minutes $150